Event Date

May 22-24, 2020

Event Location

Osaka, Japan

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Six Symposiums



Chemical Synthesis


Analytical Chemistry


Medicinal Chemistry


Green Chemistry


Chemistry for Environment and Energy

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      Date &Time

      May 21st, 2020

      May 22nd, 2020

      May 23rd, 2020

      May 24th, 2020

      May 25th, 2020



      Opening & Plenary Forun

      Forum 1-2: Catalytic Theory and Mechanisms

      Forum 1-6: Nanocatalysis

      Optional Tour

      Forum 1-3: Metallic Catalysis

      Forum 1-7: Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis

      Forum 2-2: Organic Syntheses

      Forum 2-3: Asymmetric Synthesis

      Forum 3-2: Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography

      Forum 3-3: Advanced Spectroscopy Technologies

      Forum 4-2: Drug Formulation and Drug Delivery

      Forum 4-3: Drug Design and Synthesis




      Forum 1-1: Advanced Research of Catalysis

      Forum 1-4: Photocatalysis

      Forum 1-8: Catalytic Materials, Methodologies and Technologies

      Forum 2-1: Chemical Synthetic Theory, Methods and Technologies

      Forum 1-5: Electrocatalysis

      Forum 1-9: Catalysis for Environment, Energy and Industry

      Forum 3-1: New Analytical Methods and Technologies

      Forum 5-2: Green Synthesis and Separation

      Forum 3-4: Analytical Chemistry: Developments and Applications

      Forum 4-1: Drug Discovery and Development

      Forum 6-2: Energy Conversion and Storage

      Forum 5-3: New Technologies in Green Chemistry

      Forum 5-1: Renewable & Recyclable Materials

      Young Scientist Forum

      Forum 6-3: Chemical Sensors in Environment and Energy

      Forum 6-1: Environmental Chemistry: Advances and Applications




      Poster and Free Talk


      Buffet Dinner

      Reception Banquet

      Buffet Dinner

      Closing Ceremony





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